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It’s not easy watching someone in pain. When they can’t go outside. They can’t join in. It strikes suddenly and they can’t do what they were planning to do that day. Or it’s constant in the background and it imposes limits, sometimes real, sometimes imagined.

We’re Moiz & Steve, the guys behind Kwikheat, and we both know what it’s like to have loved ones enduring chronic pain. We also know friends who can’t go to work on certain days of the month, grandparents with perpetually cold feet and many, many people with sore necks and aching backs.

We want to help these people and with Kwikheat we know we can. Heat therapy for pain, cramps and stiffness is an ancient healing practice. We all know it helps and there’s plenty of scientific evidence too.

So we wondered – what can we do to make heat therapy more reliable and more available wherever you are? How can we empower people to get on with their day, to not feel limited by pain or even by their heat therapy equipment? We are trying to create the best-looking, most effective and environmentally-friendly heat packs.

We’re always trying to look for the next innovation to make our heat packs even better. Right now, they look stylish and they’re ergonomically designed to snugly fit different parts of the body. You don’t need to be near a microwave or a power socket to use them. They don’t get mouldy. They always reach the same temperature when you activate them, so you know you’re not going to burn yourself or other people. Some of them come with a pouch so you can just strap the heat pack to your body and get on with things.

We’re serious about sustainability. Reusable heat packs are much less wasteful than single-use ones. You can save energy by not using a microwave. The salt solution in our heat packs is food grade and completely not toxic, while the plastic is now phthalate-free. All our packaging is recycled or recyclable. We’re going to push this as far as we can – if one day we can get non-plastic heat packs with no packaging other than the box they ship in, then we will!

We also want to create a vibrant communty of users online, who can share their ideas, tips and stories. Have Kwikheat Warmers made a difference to your daily life? Have you found a clever use for heat packs that other people could benefit from? We’d love to see your photos and hear you stories.

Please send photos, ideas and stories for the website and social media to

You can also follow us on facebook (Kwikheatpacks) here or twitter (@Kwikheatpacks) here.

If you have any questions, or can’t get your heatpack to activate or reset, the best place to start is our FAQ here.

If you still have questions or concerns then please email us at and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.